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Tytherington Golf Club Handicapping Procedure

For new members to The Tytherington Club

If you need someone to mark your card for handicap purposes, please refer to Intelligent Golf (IG) Information > “Finding People to play with”

Obtaining a Handicap Index

Joining the Tytherington Golf Club (or those clubs under the authority of England Golf) is the route in obtaining a World Handicapping System (WHS) Handicap Index

The WHS also permits authorised associations to directly issue and maintain handicaps and it is for each national association to determine if and how it would run an alternative system alongside the golf club membership route.

The Tytherington Golf Club uses the England Golf / WHS “toolkit” to identify all aspects of the handicapping process

To secure your Handicap Index

A member must complete score cards covering a minimum of 54 holes of golf in 9 or 18-hole rounds

Please ensure that you register with golf reception your intention to complete card(s) for handicap

Please ensure all parts of the score card is complete: heading “For Handicap Purposes”, name, date, time, tee. The marker’s name

Men to play from yellow or green tees. Ladies to play from red tees

All Juniors to play from green tees

Please take time to read these documents

WHS Toolkit -

Handicapping Reference Guide -

The following document should also help you to understand what resources are available to you

The Tytherington Golf Committee uses the England Golf / WHS Rules of Handicapping to manage your handicap Index, the following is the player’s reference guide

Rules of Handicapping -

Submitting a REGISTERED SOCIAL GOLF SCORE Card (previously known as Supplementary score)

Via Golf Reception:

A player must register their intention with the golf shop. The shop will add a player’s name, date, and time to the club’s Diary and enter the course to be played, Blue, White, Yellow Red or Green (the winter tees are not in use for social registered scoring) and then the player will be given the rules of the day (if different from the normal playing rules).

On the card:

The Player must identify their Handicap Index or “For Handicap” and proceed with the partner and play and enjoy your golf

When Golf Reception is not available:

If Golf reception is not available - Send text or email stating intent to play a Registered Social Round of Golf prior to starting the round to:

Jillian Hone

On the day when playing the “Registered round of Social Golf”, the player completes the card and prints marker’s name in column D score card

The score Card must include:

Player’s name (and marker), date with time out and in, Which course - green, yellow, white, blue, or red & The number of holes played = 18 or 9 holes

Marker completes own card for cross-referencing purposes. Player / Marker completes the score card hole-by-hole score. Please ensure that you agree the score with Marker - both sign the card

Returning the score card:

Advise the shop that the round is complete, If no receptionist (please mark on the card the time the round was completed) and return score card into wooden box in reception:

If the card is not left in the box in reception, please follow the next instruction: Return copy of score card and photograph by email

Copy of the card must be emailed to returned as soon as possible to the Handicap Committee

Submitting a Registered Social Score on the Intelligent Golf (IG) Member App

Please note when reading “supplementary Score”, this is now referred to as Registered Social Score.

Player and Marker collect cards from the Pro-Shop. Player and Marker both keep score for cross-referencing purposes. Use the IG App to Register a Social Round of Golf,

Player writes markers name in markers signature area.

Using the App - please ensure the App on your mobile device is up to date.

Player > Accesses handicap record on IG app.

Player > Handicap Index.

Player > Menu - scroll down box (top right of the app).

Player> Register to play a Social / General score round.

Player > Select course to be played.

Player > Choose MEDAL or STABLEFORD

Player > Swipe up the screen

Player / Marker > begin scoring.

The Player and Marker both – please keep a Scorecard for cross-referencing purposes.

Scoring on the IG App

Player enters scores for each hole on app and card. Use the + and – symbols to change the score if required. Click on the hole number to navigate to the next or previous hole. You can check your scores at any time by clicking the ‘Card’ option. Once you have set all the scores for every hole. Click on ‘Finish’.

At the end of the round the player checks the score by comparing electronic card against physical. The Player and Marker then verbally agree their recorded scores match. The Player signs the card recorded by the Player.

Once agreed and signed the next step is to upload a photograph of the scorecard marked by the Player. Click on the steps highlighted, take the photograph, and then select ‘Use Photo’.

After clicking on ‘Use Photo’ you will be able to review the image, if satisfied press ‘Upload’ and then ‘Yes’ if you are sure that the Scorecard is ready for uploading. After clicking on ‘Yes’ a confirmatory message is displayed that the card is uploaded, click ‘OK’. Then click on ‘Finalise Card’.  Player keeps scorecard until score processed by the administrator (in case of query).

Specific rules for relief from Penalty Areas

Purpose: Rule 17 is a specific Rule for penalty areas, which are bodies of water or other areas defined by the Committee where a ball is often lost or unable to be played. For one penalty stroke, players may use specific relief options to play a ball from outside the penalty area.

Handicap Allowances in Competition

Local Rules

Water Hazards

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